..ABOUTJust a little information so you can get to know me! I look forward to working with you!
Things I love....



Being a professional and being a perfectionist in photography there are three things I want for my clients —quality, beauty, and a good time. First off, I am a mom. So, yes that means laundry is my never-ending nemesis, poopy diaper is my perfume, and toddler tantrums and bedtime bribing are my constant struggles.  And, as other parents already know, naptime is the golden hour, which is the only time I can get anything done (if I get all my kids sleeping simultaneously). With that said, being a mom is a mess and often that is how I feel.

But given my chaotic life, I have found my calling in life: I am dedicated mom and photographer. I get to witness dozens of tender, teary eyed, “I do’s” and I capture many family snuggle sessions full of laughter.  I photograph some of the most beautiful moments life has to offer and then go home and hug my beautiful girls, and kiss my supportive (not to mention hot) husband. Yeah, I’d say I have a pretty good gig. There is a lot more to me than being a mom and photographer.

A few of my obsessions are: cheese, Arizona sunsets, antiques, anything Halloween, and well, obviously cameras. In fact, I have had a camera in my hands since 5th grade.  My camera and I have been attached at the hip since I can remember.  I’d like to think that the “photo-freak gene” runs in my family, since both my Grandpa and Dad have been using cameras since the dawn of time (yeah, that’s a long time). As I grew older, I realized that my artistic hobby could turn into something bigger. I earned an Bachelor’s degree in photography in 2007 and I have been shooting consistently ever since.  I also technically trained with a variety of professional mentors, giving me valuable experience to help me start my own business.

I love what I do.  I love making people laugh and feel beautiful.  Whether you hire me for a portraits or weddings, you will walk away loving yourself.