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  • Love Letters"ABSOLUTELY loved Working with Selena for my wedding. I'm very picky about photography and she made my dreams come true. She really brought out our personalities in the photos. She's did an amazing job."

I have got to spend a lot of time with this great family this year! I had the opportunity to photograph the first wedding of their children this last spring and then again at this amazing family session! I have got to tell you, they are a fun and crazy bunch and are up to doing anything (even having their session at 5:30 in the morning). They are some of the nicest, funniest people you will ever meet and with eight children they really bring the party! But for real I got a cactus STUCK in my foot and they came to my rescue and helped me get it out so we could continue are session. I know I know, I need to stop wearing flip flops but i seriously hate shoes. Finally getting these images on my blog for everyone to enjoy. Love these people.

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I was so excited to photograph Olivia’s special baptism photos. This sweet family has been friends of mine for a few years now and I have had the honor to photograph their beautiful family over the years. We have basically trained their children to be child models. Olivia has always taken direction so well and I know she secretly loves being in front of the camera. We always have fun together on all our shoots and my friend Becky (who assist lots of my shoots) has earned the name “the fart lady” because of our inappropriate noises we make to get the kiddos to laugh. When she showed up in her dress and jewelry I probably let out an audible EEK. How gorgeous is she really though? So excited for Olivia to get baptized and I am so glad I got to document this special day event for her!

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As you all know, I have three rambunctious kids and life has well…gotten much busier. I have school drop-offs, gymnastic practice, napping babies, days worth of laundry, church responsibilities, friend obligations, and wife duties on top of running my photography business. I am constantly going in 15 different directions!

With all that said, as my family grows and changes so does my business.

In order for me to be more efficient and quickly get my clients their quality photos, I knew I needed to restructure my process to not only benefit the needs of my family, but also my clients as well. That means it is time for CHANGE. (*pause for internal squealing/nervous sweating*)

First off, I am NOT good with change. It’s absolutely terrifying. I fight anything that resembles it. Learning new things can be frustrating and scary, but sometimes with change comes an opportunity for innovation and creativity. And in the long run, I know it will be worth it. I am nervous of how my clients will adapt to my new process. But I am hoping you all will embrace it with me and see the long-term benefits. My new structure is focused on me having a faster turn around time, efficiently communicate with clients, and a better streamline workflow.

How am I going to do this?

Clients are NO longer going to choose their images. (Ahhh! There I said it!)

In my experience, many of my clients have the hardest time choosing images—these are their families and loved ones so it can be an emotional decision. I totally understand it! With my new process, I will use my expertise to choose the best images of you and your family. I look at each image with a technical eye and choose them based on best lighting, body language, expression, and poses. This isn’t me trying to keep you from your images. Trust me. I take these for YOU not for ME! I want YOU to have them. This is to better streamline my process (no waiting period) and to ensure you really do get the most quality images, hand chosen with my artistic eye.

Okay, but that isn’t all the change that’s happening. GASP

I have ALL NEW packages.

It was time to revamp my packages and give you more what you want….MORE DIGITAL COPIES. I also simplified my packages so they are easy and simple to use.

Here are the BIGGEST changes in the packages:

  • You get MORE digital images in every package
  • You have print credit (instead of being boxed into specific photo sizes)
  • You print what print you WANT
  • All 8 x 10 print release or full resolution images (medium to full)
  • Simplified packages (easier to choose)
  • All prints will now be shipped directly to your home at no cost

You can explore these new packages in the brochure below.  (I also have separate pricing for child, maternity, and senior sessions as well not listed.)


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Things that are the same:

  • Photographs by me
  • Same Sorensen Studios look and style
  • Access to online gallery
  • Not limited to location within 45 minutes of home
  • My assistant attending shoots
  • Same quality prints

Okay, okay…one more change.

With trying to streamline with workflow, I will be communicating with clients mostly by EMAIL. I KNOW I am an HUGE texter and it is really easy for me to shoot you a text. And clients have adapted to that communication style. In the future if you have inquiries, I would like clients to email me. No more long text message conversations, no more Facebook or Instagram threads…just email. This will help me get back to you faster and more efficiently. It was getting harder and harder to keep track of clients with all these different platforms. So don’t be alarmed if you shoot me a text and I ask you to send me an email. It’s just to help keep everything in one location for me. (Mom’s out there who suffer from “Mom Brain” will understand the need for this.) With that said, I will still use my phone for clients who would like to schedule a call or when meeting clients for a shoot. For clients that have a special retouching request on an image that has been delivered. Let me know and we can chat about it. Oh, and I still want to help you pick out your stylin’ outfits for the shoot. So, don’t be shy in contacting me.


I am excited (and nervous) for the new changes. Please DON’T hate me.

As I implement this new workflow, I hope that my clients really see the benefits in this more streamlined process and have the BEST experience with me. And I know these will help me not only get your images back quicker to you, but it will also allow me to spend more time with my little kiddos because they won’t be small forever.

Thanks for all of your patience with me. I heart you all.



XOXO -Selena

P.S. I started booking for fall so reserve a shoot quick before I fill up!














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I know how this looks…


Lets just pretend that my last blog wasn’t posted in April.  Lets pretend I have always been a good blogger and I never let it go months at a time without posting anything.  Ok ok, I know how it looks everyone.  But let me tell you, I am turning a new leaf!  I really am!  I am going to start putting a little more effort into my website and blog.  I know I have said this before—it’s like making new years resolutions to lose weight and then eating a donut the next day. (Its so a move I would make, donut are just too good.) But I feel like I am in a transition right now and I can do hard things!

For example, I have recently lost 20lbs!  YES YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT!  I literally have only gained weight since having kids 6 years ago, but it was time to make some changes with my diet and emotional eating (aka. eating my feelings).  I have also labeled myself “not a morning person” for a long time convincing myself that I am incapable of being productive in the morning.  WELL GUYS!  I have been reading The Miracle Morning and it has convinced me that I can be a morning person!  So my goal is to get up 30 to 60 minutes EARLIER than I NEED to get up.  That means I have some quiet time, can study scriptures, work or clean and jump start my day.  AND IT HAS BEEN WORKING. And of course, my business model is changing.  I know I have been teasing everyone with the idea of these changes but it will be up on the blog so soon explaining the NEW Sorensen Studios!

My business has to grow and change with my life and I finally gave into the idea that I am not a super human and I need to make things work to fit my family and my needs right now.  So yah, I wasn’t lying.  I am trying to be better and maintaining this blog is a part of my new goals.  I think it’s important to reach out to my clients through my blog, to showcase their sessions and my recent work, keep you all updated with me and my cute family as well as to reach out to future clients and other photographers as well. I really love people and I want you all to get to know me and my business through this lovely blog of mine.

Well to the exciting part.

I had a happy surprise when I saw that my work was showcased on my wonderful AMAZING Align Album Design blog!  Let me tell you a little bit about this company.  First off it is established and run by the amazing Melissa Jill (who we love and has shot both my sister and my weddings).  This lady knows her stuff.  A while back I was making my own layouts for wedding designs and it was literally AGONIZING for me.  I truly hated making layouts and I am just not great at design layout in general.  It would take me a long time to do because I hated it so I put if off. I despised having to create the templates or even use software, and I was slow and miserable.  Then I found this amazing company.  Not only do they design my entire album with ease, but they offer 3 rounds of revision for me and my client, easy way to upload photos, seamless payment options for me, and amazing customer service. They also nail the look I want and even named it the “Selena Style.” Am I gushing too much? Lastly, they directly contact my clients so I don’t have to be a middle man.  Let’s just say I fell in love and we lived happily ever after.

Please check out their blog and their services if you are a photographer that struggles with designing albums like I did.  It really is worth every penny!

Check them out here!


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Once upon a time…

I met the beautiful and majestic Chelsea. This is where our story began.

Chelsea added me on Facebook. I briefly stalked her and didn’t see any red flags. I didn’t know her at all, but she was a normal looking girl—no signs of creepiness. And we have several mutual friends, so I accepted her. She seemed to like photography and started following my business. I also knew her husband TJ from way back in the day; we were acquaintances.

One day Chelsea sent me a message. It was February 26th, 2012—I remember the day well. She said, “I just thought I would say hi, I don’t want to be some creep you are friends with haha! You have a super cute baby child, and I may or may not be able to restrain myself from commenting on that. aaaaand, I really really love your work, so go you! You are awesome! That is all, have a great night!”

“Who is this girl?  Random but nice.” I thought to myself.

Flattered by her compliments, I responded, “Well hello to you! Sooooo not creepy. I am kind of a Facebook stalker myself. haha. How are you? Thanks you so much for you compliment. Do you do photography? (and yes, I do think my baby is the cutest.)”

We messaged back and forth a few times. Then somehow in our conversation, one of us threw in a “we should hang out sometime.” It was a casual invitation, out of politeness. I mean, I did just spend the last several minutes talking with this lady. Little did I know that this invitation would actually turn into reality.

The next thing I knew, I was making dinner plans with a complete stranger! Russ thought I was crazy to invite a couple over to our home I basically met on the internet (could be murderers right? haha). He was a bit vexed with me so we made a compromise. I had to invite at least one couple we were friends with over the same night as to distract from any awkwardness that I might have signed us up for.

Did I just plan a suuuppperr awkward night with strangers?  Would we like them? Would we connect with them? Did we have anything in common? Ah crap.

The evening came. Chelsea and TJ came over along with a few other friends of ours for a game night. And the night went amazingly well. We connected SO well with them. I didn’t even see it coming, but we just made new friends and we love them.  Our internet dating had blossomed into a real life relationship!  Who would have thought.  (I’m not saying the next time any random person messages you on Facebook you should plan a dinner party with them, but I am so glad I did!)

Chelsea and I are really good friends now! We play a lot of games and we are foodies together! We share the same passion for photography. She has even been my second shooter before. She teaches me how to be cool still and I ask her advice from outfits to makeup to recipes (and everything in between).  And we send a lot of gifs, snapchats, and silly text messages, which is why I am SO happy she decided to move back to Arizona to be with me. I’m sure that is the only reason she moved (right Chelsea?). Actually, Chelsea and TJ are having a BABY! I am just going to shout that one more time. THEY ARE HAVING A BABY! I am SO completely excited for them. They knew us every since we had our first baby and now we can see them transition into parents and I CAN’T WAIT.

I obviously had to shoot her gender reveal and low and behold….THEY ARE HAVING A BABY BOY! EEK! This is the greatest news because my baby Jade (10 months) and him can be boyfriend and girlfriend. (I am trying to predict the future.) And get married! (Arranged marriage?)

Anyways, enough of my rambling about my love for Chelsea! Check out their gender reveal below! It’s the best!

J24A4586Pin ImageJ24A4636Pin ImageJ24A4653Pin ImageJ24A4668Pin ImageJ24A4733Pin ImageJ24A4735Pin ImageJ24A4742Pin ImageJ24A4745Pin ImageJ24A4793Pin ImageJ24A4919Pin ImageJ24A4921Pin ImageJ24A4927Pin ImageJ24A4938Pin ImageJ24A4951Pin ImageJ24A4970Pin ImageJ24A5010Pin ImageJ24A5011Pin ImageJ24A5046Pin ImageJ24A5086Pin ImageJ24A5092Pin ImageJ24A5108Pin ImageJ24A5120Pin Image



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