Portrait Investment


Digital Files

Do we get the digital files? Yes! Depending on what package you purchase every package includes either small, medium, or full resolution files.

Can we purchase just a disc of digital images? No. I specialize in wall portrait photography so print displays for your home is what I do best!   I will help you every step of the way to get your beautiful images hung in your home. If you are looking for just a disc of images then I may not be the photographer for you. All packages come with both prints and digitals, giving you the best of both worlds!

How do we purchase additional digital images?  For any print you purchase you will receive a copy of the digital image at no additional cost.  Order an 8×10 print you automatically get the digital file as well!  It’s that simple!  I take pride in my retouching process and print quality.  All pictures printed through Sorensen Studios are of a high quality whereas the quality of digital images varies depending on what type of media you are viewing them on.

How are they delivered? All your photos are conveniently uploaded to an online gallery where pictures are instantly sent to you. It is an easier way to view, share, and print your images like never before! No more slow DVDs that get lost or scratched, but instead share more easily with your family and friends. Additionally, anyone you allow can have access to download your photos. You can order re-prints straight from your gallery from a professional lab at extremely discounted prices. And best part about it is they are SAFE. They are stored online for 10 years to ensure longevity for years to come.



Does the photographer choose the images? No. I want you to LOVE your photos so I want my clients to handpick each and every photo they want from their session. That way you don’t miss any silly faces or snuggles that pull at your heartstrings that I might have overlooked.

When do we get to see our photos? I post your photos to an online proofing site one week or less after your session. You will get an email notification once the proofs are uploaded. They will only be online for 2 weeks for choosing.

Are the photos edited in the proofing gallery? No. These images are raw jpegs that will not be retouched. I will typically edit a few “sneak peeks” so you can envision what the final product will look like after post processing. I will retouch all photos you choose and also take “retouching requests” such as head swaps, fly-away hairs, or reducing your curves.

What is your turn around time after we order? You will have your digital files and prints within 7-14 days of ordering and after the final payment is made. They can be picked up at my home or shipped directly to you with a small shipping fee.


Where are the photos taken? After I chat with my clients and discuss their style and vision for their photos, I will help them choose a location that best fits what they are looking for. From a green scenic location to a sunny desert mountain spot, I have a variety of fun and beautiful locations that will capture your portraits perfectly.

Do we have to pay for your travel? There is no fee for travel unless the destination is over 45 minutes from my home. Then there is a $50 travel fee.


What do we wear? I prefer to match clothing best to coordinate with the location as well as your own style and personality. I love to photograph clothing that has texture such as buttons, ruffles, stitching, pockets, embroidery details, fringe, lace, etc. Layers are also key. They add dimension to the overall texture of the image. I recommend layering with cardigans, jackets, sweaters, leggings or vests! Also, accessories are just as important. The simplest of accessories can make an image pop, such as a hat, blanket, necklace, bow tie, headband, or scarf. Most of the time I ask my clients to send me photos of their clothing beforehand to make sure they are on the right track. The clothing is half the image so I will always help with clothing to bring the whole session together.

 Session prep

What do we have to do to prepare for our shoot? Make sure you do not plan your shoot on a day you have a lot going on. Your shoot will be stressful enough so try not to plan anything directly before or after your shoot. Be sure all your littles have eaten and plan your session times when your children are optimally happy and content. Also, make sure you bring snacks, drinks, or a favorite toy to comfort them if they need a break. For the women, make sure you wear your makeup a little heavier than normal in order to pop your features and warm your skin tone.

 When to Book

When do we book our session? I like to book my sessions on weekdays Tues-Friday. There is $50 fee to shoot on Saturdays. Best time of day is evening about 1.5 hours before the sunset. The lighting is beautiful and soft towards the end of the day. Morning sunrise sessions are available upon request as well.

How to book

How do we book our session? Once we have selected a date all I need up front is a $150 non-refundable deposit to hold the date. That is applied to any package that is purchased. Your remaining balance is not due until after you view your images online.


How do we pay? I request cash or check for the non-refundable $150 sitting. As for the rest of the package purchase, I can take cash, check or any major credit cards.


How do we reach you? Since I have young ones at home, it is difficult for me to talk on the phone during the day (unless it’s naptime!) so I prefer email. You can also shoot me a text at 623-451-7098 as well.  Can’t wait to meet you!

Please email me for more info and pricing.